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Eve Goodman

Eve Goodman, the daughter of social historian, Ruth Goodman, has been steeped in domestic and social history from a very young age. Her particular passion is textiles and she has worked for The School of Historical Dress as their archivist for over four years. This has involved teaching forms of Elizabethan textile production as well as modelling and image sourcing for a number of publications, including two books for Janet Arnold, who is the world leader in pattern reconstruction, and others focusing on the V&A collections. She is now ranked third leading expert in the world on a type of decorative braid called finger loop, which has featured on clothing used at The Globe Theatre, The Apollo, The Metropolitan Opera House and on Broadway. She has also worked on the recent Wolf Hall production for the BBC. Eve is a trained historical tailor with experience of producing the fabrics and dyes used throughout the 16th century.

Eve is currently studying art history with The Open University, including writing a dissertation on the relationship between 16th century art and what was actually going on at the time, specialising in analysing the fabrics and clothing depicted. She has also spent a number of years conducting an in depth study into the hairstyles and cosmetics used throughout history, using only the materials commonly available at the time.

An experienced broadcaster, she has appeared in BBC 2’s Victorian Farm, Wartime Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm and Ben Fogle’s Escape in Time.

A folk enthusiast and keen festival goer she loves nothing better than absorbing herself in the rituals, traditions and way of life that folk communities enjoy. Music and dance are integral, both formal and social. She runs an annual, headline festival which involves managing bands and large crowds and has even created a number of cheap, homemade toiletries and survival kits to use without the need for modern catering and plumbing facilities! As she says ‘folk is a way of life which encourages people to find their own place and be as involved as they like, whatever their age or ability’.

Like her mother, Eve relishes learning about the practical side of everyday life throughout history and how ordinary people coped, survived and thrived in often hostile and unforgiving conditions.


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