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Angela Saini

Journalist, author and broadcaster Angela Saini has helped change the way people think about science by exploring the boundaries between science, culture, history and politics. Her first book Geek Nation, published by Hodder in 2011, was a travelogue through Indian science. Her latest, Inferior, published by Fourth Estate in 2017, is a critically-acclaimed account of how science has failed women because of centuries of entrenched bias and exclusion. It was named Physics World Book of the Year and was a runner-up in the Goodreads Choice Awards. She is currently working on her third book on the science of race, to be published in 2019 and she will be presenting a new series for BBC 4 called “You, Me and Eugenics (w/t) alongside reporter and disability campaigner, Adam Pearson.

Angela is well known for presenting science shows on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service, and her writing has appeared across the world, including in New Scientist, the Guardian, The Times, Science, Cell, Wired, Wallpaper, Vogue, GQ, among others. She was the launch presenter of the BBC’s The Food Chain and has hosted More or Less and Material World. Her work has won numerous awards, including an American Association of the Advancement of Science gold prize, and an Association of British Science Writers Award for best news story. She was named European Science Journalist of the Year by the Euroscience Foundation in 2009.

She has a Masters in Engineering from Oxford University, and has been a Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a committed champion for women’s rights and a campaigner against sexism in science, regularly giving talks on these subjects. She lives in London with her husband and son.





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