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Nikki Fox

Nikki Fox is a Sony award-winning journalist who is now BBC News disability correspondent. She has had Muscular Dystrophy since birth and has been in a wheelchair for the last nine years.

Nikki has a BA (Hons) in Music and has studied theory, piano, opera, composition, analysis and criticism of 20th Century music . She began working at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on the Peterborough Breakfast Show, presenting Fox’s What’s On Guide, as well as competitions and she then won a place on a Channel 4 Disability Researcher Training Scheme and she started working at Maverick TV.

Nikki then became a reporter on Gok Wan’s C4 series ‘How to Look Good with a Difference’ bringing her personal experience of being disabled along with a lightness of touch and humour, which have become her trademark. She has been nominated for Best On Screen talent at the Cultural Diversity Network Awards in 2010. Nikki researched and presented a major documentary for BBC Radio 5 Live, ‘Beyond Disability: The Adventures of a Blue Badger’ where she set out to discover what it is really like being disable in the UK in 2012. It won a Sony accolade and the 2012 New York Festivals Radio Programme and Promotion Awards.

Nikki has a wonderfully close family and because of them, and her own innate positivity, she is a very happy person.

“I love many things about being disabled. I get the opportunity to see how great and kind people are because there are many times when I have to ask complete strangers to help. I would love to dance like Beyonce and wear high heels though… but you can’t have everything!”



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