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Louise Broni-Mensah

Louise is the award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of Shoobs (pronounced Shubz) the number one event booking and discovery platform for urban events in London. She is officially recognised as one of Britain's most influential Black people under 40 by Powerful Media. She is alumnus of the most prestigious and highly competitive accelerator programmes including Y Combinator, Ernst & Young Winning Women Programme and most recently the Morgan Stanley Innovation Lab in New York.

Louise is British Ghanaian, born and bred in North London. She gained a BSc in Mathematical Economics at The University of Birmingham but always had a real passion for music and events. As a student she was a presenter on the university radio station Burn FM and then became a Campus Rep for Sony Music. After graduating, she did various internships at record labels in London including Sony Records and Relentless Records but eventually decided to pursue a more traditional career entering the banking and finance sector eventually holding senior positions in leading organisations. In her spare time she kept her music passion alive by getting involved managing a Hip-Hop artist. It was from that experience that led her to start Shoobs.

Louise was still working full time in the financial sector, when she established Shoobs in 2010. In her 30s, Louise became the first Black female entrepreneur to secure capital from a seed fund provider in Silicon Valley. The provider was Y Combinator - a company known for supporting such names as online renting service Airbnb, Dropbox and Reddit.

Louise is really passionate about building an impactful global company but ultimately her mission is to promote urban culture and to be part of that success story. Shoobs is a business predominately started in London and she is currently working to replicate her UK success across the world.


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