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Kevin Godlington

Kevin Godlington grew up in Lancashire. His birth father was a career criminal and drug addict; his mother wrote him off as a trouble maker and problem child. He spent years in children’s homes and a boys’ hostel, during which time he was abused. After a spell on the streets, and with no qualifications, he joined the army. Kevin saw service with the Royal Engineers and he left regular and reserve service in 2003.

Since leaving the army Kevin has founded a series of businesses and charities. Founder and CEO of an African development company specialising in former conflict nations, he leads investment teams in setting up large scale agricultural businesses, managing assets of over $100M across Africa.

An active ambassador and patron for service and veterans charities and founding member of Tickets for Troops, in 2010 Kevin set up the Godlington Foundation, a charity that operates an orphanage in Sierra Leone.

Kevin was the presenter and team leader for the Channel 5 series, ‘Operation Homefront’ which aired in 2013. He lives in Kent with his wife and three children.





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