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Jennie Browne

 Jennie is a Television Presenter, Channel Director, Announcer and Voice-over Artist who has worked for the BBC for 20 years.

Jennie is currently presenting reports for The One Show both in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK as well as remaining in her role as a well-known voice on BBC Northern Ireland

After completing her degree in Modern Languages and Literature Jennie returned to her home town of Belfast and began working at a local Radio Station as a Journalist and part-time DJ. She then joined the BBC Drama Department working on location as an Assistant Director gaining valuable experience of Television production.

Jennie undertook formal training in Journalism and Media Techniques on a course sponsored by the BBC which allowed her to apply for permanent positions within the organisation. As soon as the course finished she was employed full-time with the Presentation Department as a Television Continuity Director giving her both technical and broadcasting skills.

This gave her the chance to explore more roles including Press Officer, News Presenter, and with the emergence of Digital TV she was able to have more on-screen time presenting programmes and continuity for BBC Choice.

She is an out-going personality who enjoys every opportunity that comes her way, with a passion for adventure and telling a good story.


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