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Dr Daniel J Quemby

Dr Daniel J Quemby is a Medical doctor, scientist, medical and science writer.

Dan is 43 years old, born and raised on Exmoor, North Devon – he is half Berber, half Devonian!

He is trilingual (French and German), loves to travel and fascinated by all things medical and scientific, from microbiology to anatomy from geology to poisons.

He has been teaching ever since his first degree and give talks to postgraduates and the general public alike.

Before reading medicine I completed an honours degree in Pharmacology, Toxicology and Physiology.

As a medical doctor, he is probably one of the most qualified in the UK with three degrees and two postgraduate medical diplomas. The usual route after qualifying as a doctor is to specialise in one area but Dan trained in all four, medicine, surgery, emergency medicine and anaesthetics. – MBBS(Hons), BSc(Hons), BSc.Med.Sci, MRCS, FRCA.

At present, Dan is an Consultant Anaesthetist, an A&E specialist as well as an expedition medical doctor. He also has his my own medical aesthetics business and has an interest in all science but especially nutrition and toxins/poisons.

In 2016 he was the doctor for the Island with Bear Grylls series 3.


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