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Claire Petulengro

CLAIRE PETULENGRO is a clairvoyant and astrologer. She writes the horoscopes for several publications including The Mirror’s WE LOVE TELLY magazine as well as COMPANY and over fifty regional newspapers. She is the on-line astrologer for VH-1 and the astrologer for new phone three mobile and T-mobile. She was the resident astrologer at the Express Newspaper Group for over three years and for OK! Magazine for over five years.

She appeared on BBC’s SUNDAY STYLE and DOLCE & KABBALAH – Celebrities Uncovered for SKY1. In June 1999, Claire was one of the main astrologers used in the primetime ITV show “PREDICTIONS” when she successfully predicted that Eric Cantona would leave football. She appeared again when the show returned on 8 January 2000. She was a regular contributor on the BBC1 daytime show “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?”and has appeared many times on THE BIG BREAKFAST and THIS MORNING and RICHARD & JUDY. Her interview on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour received a massive response.

Claire’s first book “HEALTH SIGNS” was published on 7 January 2000 (Macmillan) and her second book, ‘DIET SIGNS’, was published early January 2001. ‘LOVE STARS’ (also Pan Macmillan) was published in February 2002 and has sold over 100,000.

Claire has been reading palms since the age of six. She says she has always been aware that she is clairvoyant, probably unsurprisingly since she is a member of one of the most famous clairvoyant Romany families. Her grandmother was Eva Petulengro, the Romany gypsy, who established her name as the palmist and clairvoyant on Brighton Pier. Her mother, also called Eva Petulengro, was well known in the sixties and seventies with several celebrity clients to her name and over 60 newspaper columns.

At fifteen, after Claire’s grandmother suffered a stroke, she left school to take over her booth on the Palace Pier, Brighton which she did seven days a week for two years. Claire also gives lectures on astrology and the art of prediction as well as how to make use of your own psychic powers.


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