Megan Hine is a survival consultant, celebrity expedition leader, and adventure catalyst.
Her vast wealth of experience and knowledge, gained from leading hundreds of expeditions and consulting for TV survival shows across the globe enables her to organise unique experiences for clients to untouched and wild places.
Megan has spent time working and living with native communities all around the world, from the San bushmen in Africa to the Sami reindeer herders in the Arctic to the Iban jungle dwellers in Borneo and many more.
Most of her expeditions involve working closely with native peoples and she always aims to support local communities where possible.
Megan’s primal drive to travel and explore means she can often be found breaking trail through waist deep snow, swinging in her hammock in the depths of a jungle or sharing stories sat around a campfire under the desert stars.
Megan’s Knowledge and skills make her a world leading expert in all aspects of remote wilderness area expeditions, survival and TV filming.

Megan’s first book ‘Mind of a Survivor’ is published by Coronet was published in May 2017

On Screen credits include:
Mission Survive Season 1&2
The Homerun Season 1&2
Weather terror
Berghaus photo shoot – model
Stunt double and stand-in for some well known A-list faces.
OEX photo shoot – model
FINDRA photo shoot – model
‘I shouldn’t be Alive’ Climbing and falling Stunt double
‘Car Vs Wild’ 4×4 stunt driver
‘Jungle Expedition’ 4×4 stunt driver
‘Namibia Expedition’ 4×4 stunt driver
Land Rover promotion 4×4 Stunt driver

Behind the Scenes
Man vs Wild
Science of Survival
Breaking Point
Escape from Hell
Mission Survive
Running Wild
Survivor Games
Absolute Wild
I shouldn’t be Alive
Car vs Wild
Antura Children’s Jungle Survival
The Homerun
The Island

Magazine and Online
Wings inflight magazine. Eurowings inflight – Release Spring 2017
The Guardian – How one woman keeps Bear Grylls Alive click here
Stylist – In the Jungle everything is out to kill you…. click here
Marie Claire – 9 Survival secrets from the woman behind Bear Grylls click here
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2 years bushcraft/survival apprenticeship
12 years as an instructor and expedition leader, Internationally
10 years as a survival consultant for shows like Man vs Wild, The Island, I shouldn’t be Alive, Car vs Wild, Mission Survive, 10,000BC etc..
Run a survival module for a University degree in the Netherlands
Survival trainer for Swiss military and survival Instructors
Skills include: trapping (various), tracking, fishing (various), knife work, machete, axe, survival hunting (various), Jungle, desert, Mountain, Arctic, temperate specific survival skills, plant ID medicinal and edible
Spent a lot of time working with native communities learning their traditional living skills globally
Survival on the move (improvising with minimal equipment) and in-depth bushcraft knowledge

Qualified mountain guide, ski instructor both Alpine and Nordic, Rock climbing instructor, Mountain bike instructor
Helicopter rigging for TV stunts
Rope rigging for TV stunts
Have performed as a stunt climber on several occasions for TV shows
Led many mountaineering expeditions internationally

Swift water rescue technician
Canoe/kayak coach
Personal SUP skills
Led open canoe expeditions internationally

Medicine in Remote Areas (equivalent to WEMT)
Off road driving:
Off road driving Instructor qualified by Landrover
Offroad stunt driving for Car vs Wild

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