David Murray-Hundley aka The Grumpy Entrepreneur™ is a technology geek and entrepreneur at heart.

David was inspired by the movie “War Games” at the age of 8 and commercially released his first game for the BBC Micro at just 11 years old.

David went on to study Artificial Intelligence when people thought it was just about Terminator and in his early 20s was part of the team that delivered the worlds first Web Ecommerce B2B platform with Barclays and Chase Manhatten.

For the rest of his 20s David helped develop the first smart card readers for Credit Cards with Dione and was part of the founding team for Commerce One in Silicon Valley who became the top stock on Nasdaq (Ecommerce) during the dotcom boom at $22bn valuation.

Also built the Internets first Automotive Market Place Exchange for General Motors forming part of Covisint.
He was bankrupt by the time he was 30. “A good thing”, he says and later went on to build and be part of building a number of companies and has had a number of exits in recent years as well as Reid Hoffman awarding David Linkedin European Business Leader Of The Year.

Today David is a company chairman, director, advisor and mentor. He invests in and works with a number of startups and scaling companies not just in technology. Technology key focus is Consumer Fintech, E-Commerce, Artificial Inteligence and Automotive and Motorsport Technology Also, following in the footsteps of his one of his inspirations, John Harvey-Jones, he spends a lot of time troubleshooting businesses.

For further information please contact Sara Cameron on 020 7209 3777