Antoine Allen

Antoine is a young, unique and motivated presenter. Having studied Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, Antoine then decided to complete a Degree in War Studies at Kings College London. Both of these courses have given him an in-depth knowledge of International Relations, current affairs, conflict and causes of terrorism. Whilst studying, Antoine was able to build up his presenting experience through work in documentaries, Sport, Technology and Music.

Born in Northampton to a single-mother who worked for Social Services, his teenage years were divided between Northampton and London. This enabled Antoine to interact with many different social groups and has given him the ability to converse and interview people from wide range of backgrounds with confidence and flair. Antoine is particularly interested in exploring social issues, race and society on TV.

Antoine shares his opinion on his blog AntoineSpeaks, whereby he discusses issues including as wide ranging as race, sex and whatever trending topic catches his attention. Through his writing and presenting he has amassed a growing social media presence and fan base.

Antoine is advocate of the mind, body and soul lifestyle. Whereby he enjoys philosophy, films, animation, sky diving and health and sport/fitness. Using his teenage sporting experiences he shares his tips and opinions on ways to stay motivated and maintain a healthy body and mind. Along with blogging he has written pieces for worldwide publications like UltraFit Magazine.

Antoine considers himself fearless and is always up for new challenges and opportunities.

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